I document my learning experiences here.

The 3D section starts off with general information about creating 3D art and then gets more specific. The software in focus here is Maya 6.5

The Flash section is a mid level tutorial on embedding a movie in a Flash file and creating a custom player interface.

The Music section is specifically about creating music using Open Source Software. It delves into how to make connections with JACK between different types of software.

The Processing section is my learning experience with the language Processing and is oriented towards those transitioning from other software languages.

The Programming section is a general introduction to programming a higher level language and is a prerequisite for all other  programming related information.

General Overview
Setup And Preparation
Polygon Modeling Tools
Understanding UV's
Subdivision Surfaces
Texture Mapping and Hypershade
Rendering and Final Output

Embedding a movie in Flash and creating a custom player interface

Creating music with Open Soucre Software
Installing New Software

New Processing Course!
Learning Processing
Installing New Software

Standardized Coding Practices
Errors And Exceptions
Strings Data Type
Numbers Data Type
Common Flash Commands