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An Introduction to 3D with Lyndon Daniels

A Free, Software Agnostic 3D Course Launches at


A new course covering the fundamental constructs that bind all high-end 3D applications has just launched at

Although this course is geared towards newcomers to 3D content creation, advanced users that are faced with the challenge of transitioning to another 3D application could also find the software agnostic approach utilized in this course in addressing modelling, sculpting, texturing and rendering to provide a sense of familiarity within this seemingly daunting task.


The course is also equipped with 8 quizzes for you to monitor your progress, throughout the learning experience and consists of extensive documentation covering topics such as Planning a shot, Setting up a scene, Polygon Modelling, Setting up UV’s, Proxies and High Resolution Models, Texturing and Shading and finally touches on Rendering.

You’ll also find a generous list of free assets scattered throughout the course that provide practical implementations of the topics being discussed. Among these assets you’ll also find the cover image 2D and 3D files all of which are distributed under a Creative Commons license that permits nonrestrictive free reuse.

If you’ve been gearing up to delve into game development, animation or 3D art you’ll find all you need to get started right here. So jump right in and have fun learning something new :)



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