Broccoli Boy Blog
Broccoli Boy is a collaborative project by and Lyndon Daniels

This is the story of a dog that liked broccoli a little too much.  Currently  we are working on a script and will eventually develop it into an animation.

29Nov 2010
: Textures

Finally he has textures!
heres a render. looking strangely gold so will have to t+w=wee-k his colors and custom light rig. but i'm happy with the over all result for now. rendered with SSS, FSA and AO approximately 1hour! definitely will need a faster computer when it comes to rendering out this ani :)

02 Sept 2009: Render Test, Modelling

here's the first render test of bboy, still a long way to go with the modeling, haven't completed laying out his UV's yet so he doesn't have a texture or anything close to that yet. Also he doesn't have fur yet, but hey that's what WIP blogs are for...
BBoy 1st Render Test
on the plus side his detailed high res modeling has started and is about 50% completed, he finally has a full set of teeth and a tongue (textures pending), his eyes fit neatly into thier sockets. happy with majority of proportions but still needs a few tweaks. managed to find a very detailed drawing of a dogs muscular structure (which has proved yet again to be an invaluable reference). bboy is a combo between human and canine physiology btw (hey, maybe that's not so obvious to some folk out there)...

12 Oct 2009: External Render Test
...a more "recent" rendering of bboy. looking really blue. done in luxrender. render time approx 2hrs

12 Nov 2010: Texture Mapping
I've almost completed his diffuse texture map. I just need to paint out the seams and do some color correction.

12Nov2010: Completed Modelling

I managed to finish tweaking his form, the image in the screen capture above, re: texture mapping has the latest and final adjustments to his form. since I'm texturing him at the moment, I'm rather gonna paint out his seams before setting him up for another test render. nonetheless here's a render that is pretty close to his final form.

03 March 2010: Cow Character Render Tests
another character i'm currently working on a cow, bboy's best friend!
This cow was modelled, texture mapped, UV'ed and Render prepped between 14 Feb 2009 to 24 Sept 2010
I ran into a few technical hitches with this model, as I was using what was a new feature in the 3D software at the time. This and a very slow computer that did not allow me to use a high poly count for sculpting lead to erroneous results in my cow mesh. Subsequently I had to figure out a way of being able to work with the sculpt tool, that required a high poly count, on an archaic system.
You can read about my work around here.

11 April 2009: SSS Render Test
here's a test render for sub-surface scattering, after modelling completion.

07 May 2009: Texture Mapping
I started texture mapping this model around the time mentioned above. Texture mapping took quite some time to complete, particularly because i was involved in other projects throughout the duration of this project. This screen capture shows the model being prepped for his hair pass.
As you can see, the hair in this pass is meant to be subtle and simply to break up the hard edge on the back of the model. this model will require more than one hair pass at render time.

24 Sept 2010: Full Render
The model has pretty much reached completion at this stage. It has a temporary rig in it for modelling and texturing but not for animation, yet. This is a render with SSS(sub-surface scattering), AO(ambient occlusion), FSA(full scene anti-aliasing) and completed diffuse, opacity and bump map. A specularity map is still required to add to the fur effect which is currently missing from this model.

Here are some preliminary sketches to capture broccoli boy (the main character), these sketches are used to model the character in 3D. This model will later be used in the actual finished animation.
broccoli boy image01
A Head Sketch of Broccoli Boy
broccoli boy image 3
A Full Body Sketch of Broccoli Boy
broccoli boy and stew
BBoy inspecting a bowl of stew

This is the original version of the short story poem by Suzy Bell and the inspiration behind all that is broccoli boy

There  was a dog

the colour of a frog

who ate no meat

who ate no stew

& why?

No-one ever knew

For breakfast, dinner & lunch

Only on broccoli did he ever munch

& what he ate, he ate in heaps,

goodness gracious me

that healthy green stuff

loathed by young peeps

For this dog loved his broccoli so,

the more he ate,

the more brilliant green he did grow

His ears sprouted forests of broccoli hair

So all who saw him

Stopped to stare

But the dog,

He kept silent,

For the reason he was so green,

Was somewhat violent.

If truth be told

The dog once so bold,

Ate a young vegetarian

Instead, of his usual steak

Indeed he ate an entire boy

With the lightning speed of

A fully-grown snake

And my oh my did he taste crunchy

As by far in this dog’s life

That vegetarian boy

Was his very best ever munchy!



This is a work in progress adaptation for an animation script of the  original script of broccoli boy (as above)

(establishing shot of country side village, with rolling hills and green pastures)
There once was a dog as green as a frog
who lived near a quiet, secluded, village
He lived on a farm with the neatest of tillage
 acquired through plunder and viking pillage.
This gentlemanly dog of valor and splendor
had an appetite for broccoli which only one could tender.
So three times a day he'd walk down the street
to his favorite restaurant, for a bite to eat.

(in the resturant)

He ate no meat and ate no stew
(well dressed waiters pass him by with dishes for other diners and bb turns his head disaprovingly)


a gentleman so well groomed and sophisticated

you'd think would have a diet that was quite complicated

But far from that his tastes did range

this quiet fellow, who lived estranged.

(so idealistic,

Why? no-one knew)


He ate only broccoli for breakfast,lunch & dinner
and never got fatter nor ever got thinner.

(time lapse sequence of sun rising setting moon rising in bkg through resturant glass walls/windows time stops lapsing at night, it's now a full moon)

and what he ate, he ate with conviction,
as his love for broccoli was no superficial affliction.

(that healthy green veg

loathed by young peeps)

Regretfully, his emotions where not as consistent
as the diet on which this dog insisted

(as the legend goes)

For every full moon would bring a change of mood

as his subtle demeanor turned quite rude.

and the restaurants doors closed
he would continue to feast
to forget the burden of his best friend, now deceased.

For this poor dog had to love broccoli so,
to calm the beast within that might show.

  he ate more and more in the light of the moon,
or the greedy beast might up and change it's tune;
then divert it's attention to a waiter or two,
so he ate more and the more he ate the more green grew.

(he leaves the restuarnt at night, a little tipsy and the kids in the streets see broccoli growing out of him, it's a full moon implying a were-broccoli connection)

His ears sprouted forests of broccoli hair,
his well groomed coat now a sad sight to bear
and finally the claws of a wolf that sprouted
to complete the transition from which he routed.

(continue to discribe his were-boccoliness)

Those that saw him would stop to stare.

as he fumbled, in the moonlight to his secluded lair.
(he can scare the kids off here with his were-broccoliness to transition to the dream sequence and he turns his back and walks away back to the retreat of his farm in a mr hyde type fashion)
(music climaxes when he scares th kids away then starts to clam down when he walks away)

But the dog, he kept silent,

as the reason for his greenness,

Was really quite violent.

If truth be told

on his farm abode,

many years ago before the household-mold grew tenfold

(with it's own introspection)

Here, lived his friend of a peculiar coloration

a boy vegetarian of a 3rd generation.

They swore to be best friends forever!

No matter how trying they would endevour,

to never break the bond they made

as best friend and comerade.

The Boy Vegetarian being honourable and fair

subsequently changed his Will to declare

His estate to Broccoli Boy as his new heir.

And how unfortuante a choice that was 

for his siblings, the twins, he never really loved.

And duely so, as they where a greedy spawn of hate and mistrust

who would conspire to right thier brother's "unjust".

"Our brother, the Kng of the immasculated!

His betrayal to us will leave him ill-fated."

The twins postulated in a sarcastic tone

"The estate remains upon the family bestowen"

And what of thier unwilling benefactor and his best friend?

Thier poor brother's life was never intended too reach it's natural end

But Broccoli Boy proposed an unfortunate deviation

From thier original plan, of micreant calculation.



currently broccoli boy is being modelled, here's an updat on the progress of the model :-)
first his outlines are drawn (side view)
(front view)
bboymodel003 bboymodel004
then we start to fill him in
bboymodel005 bboymodel006
this is the top view of his head
bboymodel009 bboymodel010
until he starts to take shape
bboymodel011 bboymodel012

then it's time to model his eyelids

bboymodel015 bboymodel016
then sketch out the rest of his body...
bboymodel017 bboymodel018
and start to model his body from the sketch
bboymodel021 bboymodel023
until he starts to take shape
bboymodel023 bboymodel024


wire frame view
the head is hidden so it's easy to focus on the body
modelling the scapula area
bboymodel029 bboymodel030
the arms
bboymodel033 bboymodel034
hidden head and arms focus on torso
bboymodel035 bboymodel036

stomach, pecorils and skin folds
(side view)
bboymodel039 bboymodel040
the hind quarters
bboymodel041 bboymodel042
bboymodel043 bboymodel044

he starts to take shape...
bboymodel047 bboymodel048