Curriculum Vitae Lyndon Daniels

Personal Details

  • Name
    Lyndon Daniels
  • Date of Birth
    07 December 1977
  • Age
  • Marital Status
    Long Term Partnership
  • Nationallity
    South African
  • Place of Birth
    Pietermaritzburg, Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa
  • Residential Address
    Claremont, Cape Town, South Africa
  • Contact
  • Website

Primary and Secondary Education

Tertiary Education

Work Experience

  • Job Title :
    Lecturer and Course Developer
  • Institutions of Employment
    Mediatek (Durban, KZN)
    University of Cape Town (Cape Town, WC)
    Michaelis School of Fine Art (Cape Town, WC)
    Cape Peninsula University of Technology (Cape Town, WC)
    Friends of Design - Academy of Digital Arts (Cape Town, WC)
  • Job Description
    With the majority of my lecturing career taking place at UCT from as far back as 2003, my courses are short and thorough. Including modules in 3D Arts, Dynamic Websites and Programming all my courses are self-developed and can also freely be accessed from my
  • Job Title :
    Front End Web Designer
  • Company of Employment
    Tradepage (Durban, KZN)
  • Job Description
    The job responsibilities included designing website frontends and transposing them into HTML, CSS and JavaScript functional sites.
  • Job Title :
    Front End Developer
  • Places of Employment
    Center for Film and Media Studies (UCT, Cape Town, WC)
    iCOMMS (UCT, Cape Town, WC)
  • Job Description
    Conceptualization and implementation of software for Mobile and Web. Including websites, desktop and mobile apps utilizing HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, Processing, Cordova, PHP, MySQL
  • Job Title :
    3D Animator
  • Companies of Employment
    Thursday Morning Animation Studio (Johannesburg, GP)
    Quba Design and Motion (Johannesburg, GP)
  • Job Description
    Full-time 3D Animator as a team member responsible for creating television commercials, corporate and promotional videos. Clients including Microsoft, KFC and others. The company was also responsible for co-producing South Africa’s best selling design magazine of the time CMYK/Enjin.
  • Job Title :
    New Media Team Head
  • Company of Employment
    ATOMIC Visual FX (Cape Town, WC)
  • Job Description
    Full-time Team Leader of New Media Division to oversee, manage and direct a team of Maya operators and Artists. Highlights of this position included assisting in the creation of a desktop application used for creating interactive realtime virtual environments. Specializing in Realtime Digital Content Creation.
  • Job Title :
    Creative Director
  • Company of Employment
    The Animation Artery (Cape Town, WC)
  • Job Description
    Founding member of a team of artists and 3D animators. The company focused on using interactive animation in new media projects. Creating corporate and promotional videos, lift media advertising, interactive flash based presentations for multimedia and the web. Clients included Singapore airlines, BMW, Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation and others.
  • Job Title :
    Installation Artist
  • Show Listings
    KZNSA Gallery (Durban, KZN)
    Durban Art Gallery, Red Eye Art (Durban, KZN)
    ArtSpace (Durban, KZN)
    Bell Roberts Contemporary (Cape Town, WC)
  • Job Description
    The transformation of a space for the purposes of site specific installations addressing communication and the deconstruction of trivial human interfacing. Installations would utilize micro-controllers, lo-tech, interactive animation and live performance to achieve objectives.

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