"An Introduction to 3D with Lyndon Daniels" is a comprehensive, free introductory level 3D course for beginners. Utilizing a research-based approach to guide learners with their first steps in character creation from modelling all the way through to rendering. Including coverage of modelling, UV's, Sculpting, Texturing, Rendering and many other relevant 3D topics.

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An Introduction to Programming with Processing takes learners through the fundamentals of application design utilizing a hands on approach to developing interactive projects for desktop environments. Including 200 pages of extensive documentation, quizzes, step-by-step projects and downloadable assets all for free.

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An Open Source Digital Audio Workstation Setup demonstrates a quick an easy approach to setting up a professional audio creation suite primarily utilizing free software tools that interconnect and work symbiotically for generating simple to complex audio output. Including realtime effects, external hardware, MIDI and many other features.

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