Stage Hands

The Story of Stage Hands

Stage Hands captures a moment in the life of a young man that sets out on one of his usual evening walks within a familliar forest that has been his stanctuary since childhood. However, that evening following a strange feeling lead him off his usual path and stumbling into a scene beyond anything he could imagine.

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Stage Hands

Rollup, Rollup

Is that a light I see in the distance?
That seems unusual, for this forest's existence.

I'm certain that I've been to this forest before,
but have I been heeeree? hmm... I'm not sure.

So I crept closer trying not to make a sound.
In the dark, alone, my presence unfound.

But as I approached the glowing bright light,
what I felt that night became quite apparent,
the foRest I remembered had turned quite disparate!

Rollup, Rollup, Come and See the Show!
An announcement was made so all the creatures would know.

My respectful attempt at silence, I'd shown,
had been upstaged by a booming MEGAPHONE!
To seem more dignified I then took my place,
next to a beautiful Deer with a smile on her face, and a Bear on my right, much to his distaste. The Announcer proclaimed,

Welcome Friends and Uninvited Foe!
Suddenly, all eyes on me. Why? I don't know?

This show will engage you, outrage and amaze you!"
...   ...   ...  
"But before we begin, your participation towards a Donation,
will be kindly received.
So roll up your sleeves,
to pockets dip in, as to be clear; remuneration is an OBligation."
...   ...   ...  

**"Geez! How «¤±¿ rude."**

I thought to myself,
as only to me the Usher's hands shelved.

So began that auspicious night of barmy entertainment,
to my excitement growing beyond containment.

Performers danced and sang to ubiquitous celebrations,
as my heart beat with spontaneous palpitations.
The crowd applauded harder and faster,
with Climatic evEnts following thereafter.

...then suddenly silence and no more laughter...

I watched the stage with amazement and trepidation, º×º×
the crowd now hushed with imaginative anticipation.

My pulse was racing and I could hardly breathe,
but the excitement I felt disguised my unease.

My dear Boy, you're looking quite pale.
Said the Deer on my left, to my avail.
But before I could respond, the Announcer clambered on..

And now Ladies and Gentlemen, the Pièce de résistance,
I caution those weak of constitution to leave,
... as an insistence .
He meticulously paused for a moment, as if from a script he read... .. ..
Looked at me, and signed with a finger to cut off my head!

... ... ..Well then without further ado, I bring to you...
He went on to say in a cavalier tone, 
implying I imagined the grim gesture he'd shown.

...The most ancient of Souls, our teacher untold,
The Giant Soul of All Forests, creatures BEHOLD!

As the curtains parted I could not contain,
The paramount emotions that did not refrain.

A Hand crept out for the center of the stage.
How could someone that big exist in this day and age?
This was no gimmick, no trickery, nor deception.
The spectacle's age trumped the earth's conception.

But before he stepped out, into that glorious light
that drew me to the stage, that night.
My excitement insisted,
until my breathing desisted.
The visible blurred,
as aural confusion inferred.
And soon, darkness not of the night

folded within in my sight.

Then I realized while sinking deeper into the floor,
my weak and faint soul is what the Giant saw.




The Making of Stage Hands

Visit the Stage Hands crew behind the scenes as we take a sneak peek at what goes into making the artwork. With extensive documentation, downloadable assets and a gallery full of pics, we leave no stone unturned.